Unusual poker variations

Unusual poker variations Poker has lots of different forms - the versions are nearly as numerous as there are cards in a deck, probably more so. Famous and popular versions include Texas Hold ‘Em and Five Card Draw are the best known and most widely played. But there are a tonne of unusual poker variations that are well worth a try the next time you hire a poker table. Guts So-called because you need plenty of them to do well in this game, which is just as much about bluff as skill. Each player pays an ante and gets three cards dealt face down. They then have to decide whether to play based on their hand’s strength or their desire to bluff. The dealer counts ‘one, two, three, guts’ as the players push their cards towards of the middle of the table. As the dealer says ‘guts’ the players either drop their cards to fold or hold them up to continue playing. The highest hand wins (straights beat flushes in this three-card game for obvious reasons). Losers pay a penalty of the entire pot, adding extra spice to each round and a player’s willingness to bluff. Those with a reckless streak in them could be well advised to avoid this poker game! Crazy Pineapple Despite its fruity name, this game is actually not that dissimilar to Texas Hold ‘Em, except players are dealt three pocket cards at the start of the hand. One round of betting is done ‘in the dark’, which is followed by a flop of three cards. The players will then discard one of their three pocket cards and bet. This is followed by a round of betting after both the turn and the river as in Texas Hold ‘Em. Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw This is a lowball version of poker where players win by having the lowest hand. Unlike other lowball games Aces are high. Straights, flushes, and all combinations better than one pair count - the ‘best’ possible hand, known as a wheel, is 7, 5, 4, 3, 2 not all of one suit. Players get dealt five cards and a round of betting takes place. Each player can then draw for a better hand, up to three times in total, with a round of betting after each draw. Players must match the last bet before they can draw again. After all bets are in the showdown sees the player with the lowest hand win.

World Cup casino games

The World Cup is just a few days away and every football fan will be spending the next month in a state of blissful spectation. That is until England get knocked out on penalties, of course. Whether you want to see Roy Hodgson’s men lift the trophy in July or not, there’s every excuse to plan World Cup themed events. Barbecues are a favourite, while with games on in the evening you can arrange indoor parties too.

Top London Fun Casino night venues

Top London casino night venues Are you struggling to decide on venue for your casino night in London? Don’t worry, here’s our look at the best and most memorable places to host your party in the capital.   Natural History Museum We can’t think of a more impressive place to host your party. Imagine placing your bets at the roulette table in front of a the museum’s resident Diplodocus in the main hall? Charges range from up to £20,000 for the main hall - dinosaur skeleton included - to around £2,000 for smaller rooms in the museum. The Earth Hall - which can cater for up to 500 guests - is a favourite, with the celestial map adorning the room’s walls set against the giant metallic Earth sculpture. You can even get married in the Natural History Museum main hall. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/business-centre/venue-hire/index.html   Madame Tussauds Hosting events for over 50 years, Madame Tussauds is a fantastic place for your corporate event, private party or charity gala - all great nights for hiring a casino. Catering for up to 1,000 guests in total, the museum boasts five “immersive and interactive” themed areas. What better place to hone your casino skills than in the presence of each of the James Bonds? The World Stage Ballroom is the largest of the five and comes equipped with a large stage, back projected screen, plasma screens and full lighting rig. http://www.madametussauds.com/london/about/venuehire/   Royal Academy of Arts The Grade II listed building in the heart of London’s Mayfair is a truly memorable setting for any event. A fun casino will make anything from a Christmas party or team building day at the museum unforgettable. http://www.royalacademy.org.uk   Royal Opera House Just about the classiest and most sophisticated venue in London, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is a fantastic setting for your casino-themed evening. A range of large and small rooms are available, including The Paul Hamlyn Hall, which has hosted everything from the GQ Men of the Year Awards to the BAFTAs. http://www.roh.org.uk/services/venue-hire   Somerset House The iconic London attraction is usually home to an ice rink every Christmas, but there’s no reason not to use the elegant architecture to host a casino night or party the rest of the year. Somerset House actually has eleven different venues available for meetings, conferences, dinners, receptions, parties and even weddings. Capacities range from a mere 8 guests to 1,500. https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/venue-hire

Horsing around for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and this time around it’s the turn of the horse to get its 12 months in the spotlight. Friday, January 31st is the date in 2014 for the celebrations, which take all kinds of forms. For the roughly half a million people living in the UK who are Chinese or of Chinese extraction, the date holds a lot significance. You can expect parties in family homes to be the mainstay of the festivities, as people look to usher in the New Year with loved ones, typically by having reunion dinner with as many relatives as possible the night before.But with a big student population in the UK, too, halls of residence and student flats up and down the land will be buzzing with Chinese New Year parties.  Of course one the thing the Chinese are famous for loving is gambling, and we can’t think of a better way to mark the event than by hiring a casino table for your evening’s entertainment. Indeed, the Chinese New Year is all about ushering in prosperity and abundance, wealth and and good fortune. What better representation is there than the roll of the dice or the spin of the wheel? Favours are a good idea for your party. Hand out red packets - you could always shove a few chips in there instead of actual money, just for fun. Serve lucky foods, like whole fish, noodles and mandarin oranges are perfect on the New Year. If you don’t fancy cooking the traditional food, most Chinese restaurants offer special New Year menus. Decorations - red and gold are the best colours. You could try out some red Chinese lanterns and release them at the end of the night - just be careful not to set fire to your neighbours’ gardens. Colours are important - red is good - bets on the roulette wheel might be decidedly one-sided if your guests are predominantly Chinese. White is bad - this represents death and mourning. So serve Manhattans and red beer rather than White Russians and German weiss beer. And don’t forget to clean your home thoroughly before hand - this removes all the bad energy and fortune that may have built up over the last year. So, whatever you plan to do on January 31st this year, whether you’re having a big bash for friends or just a easy-going get-together with family, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Roulette: a beginner’s guide

A Roulette table makes for a great game at any event, from a charity bash to a birthday party. Roulette makes for fantastic wedding entertainment and is a great time for this classic casino game. A quick glance at the rules of roulette show it’s also an incredibly easy game to get in to -simply place your bet and let the dealer spin the wheel. No skill is needed, but you do need to understand how the betting works. The first thing to consider is the wheel and the 37 different slots. Numbers 1 to 36 alternate red, black, red and so on. The only exception is the green zero - if the ball lands here all player bets lose. Lots of people just bet the numbers - picking any from one to 36. But there are a lot more options than that when betting on roulette. In fact you stand a lot better chance of winning if you don’t just plump for your favourite number. Different types of bet Numbers - the simplest form and the biggest payout if you get lucky - winning bets are paid at 35-1; in other words you’ll get 35 chips plus your original stake if you bet one chip. Evens - Essentially you can bet on red or black, which are paid at evens. Winning bets are paid at an amount equal to your bet. Dozens - Numbers from 1 - 12 are in the 1st Dozen, 13 - 24 in the 2nd and 25 - 36 in the 3rd. Bets are paid out at 2-1, which means you win twice as much as you staked. Columns - You can choose to bet one of the three columns. For example 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34 are all in the 1st column. This also pays at 2-1. Splits - You can place a chip or chips on the line between two numbers and will return a winner if either of the two numbers comes up. The payout is at 17-1. Streets - Lines of three numbers, such as 4,5,6 or 22,23,24, are called a street. To make this bet place one chip on the left border line of the left number. Payouts are at 11-1. Corners These are corners between four numbers, such as  22,23,25,26. A winning bet on these pays at at odds of 8-1. Six-Lines - These are six numbers that form a wide line across the table, such as 7, 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12) A chip is placed on the corner of 7 and 10 with the first dozen. Paid at odds of 5-1.

Hire a Fun Casino for Your Corporate Event

Poker, roulette and blackjack are three of the most popular casino games there are and if you want to hire a fun casino for your corporate event we can help you and your guests to enjoy a  night where you play all of these games without risking your own cash.    Casino nights are all the rage these days because you can experience the buzz and atmosphere of a real casino and still go home at the end of the evening with your money in your pocket. Now that sounds like a good night out!   Renting casino equipment from us couldn't be easier as we can provide lots of different tables to you. Blackjack tables  and roulette tables are two of the most popular choices, as is Stud Poker table hire. If you want to try something a little different perhaps you would like to hire a Craps table or a selection of one armed bandits, as we can supply both of these casino games to you as well. Corporate events are usually staged in hotels and function rooms on a daily basis all over the country, but they can be a little boring. Why not add a touch of glamour to your next event with a couple of our blackjack tables, tables where your work colleagues can experience that special buzz a casino brings. Experience the thrill of hitting blackjack when the croupier deals you an ace to go with your picture card, there is nothing better in the whole world.   Tables are pretty much exact replicas of real casino equipment, so even though you are not actually playing for real money you are still playing the real thing. At your next corporate evening you could stage little competitions to see who can win the most many in say 50 hands of blackjack, or 50 spins of the roulette wheel. You could even give the winners a little prize just to make things interesting and a little more competitive.   Fun casinos really make for a great evening’s entertainment. Drop us a line now and let us help you hire a fun casino for your next corporate event.  

Fun Casinos Are Great For Wedding Receptions

For those planning their wedding day, one of the most important considerations is the entertainment. Many people opt for something run of the mill and hire a DJ while others consider alternative forms of entertainment to amuse and enthral their guests. Fun casinos are fast becoming a popular and fun way to experience all of the excitement you would expect to find at a real casino, and they are an excellent option for those looking for something a little different at a wedding reception. They are great for wedding receptions because all of the guests, no matter how old or young they maybe can take part, have some fun and play without the risk of losing their own money. If you are thinking of renting some casino equipment for your wedding reception we can help. We can supply many different types of casino wedding games, all of which will keep your guests occupied and enthralled throughout the evening’s festivities. We can supply poker tables for Texas Holdem or Stud Poker, as well as supplying Blackjack and Roulette tables. We can also supply some great One Armed Bandits too, machines that will keep the young ones quiet all night long. All of our tables are of a standard that you would expect to find at a real casino. They have a high quality velvet cloth and are placed on elegant looking mahogany tables. Real casino chips and real cards are used, both of which will give you the feel of playing at a real life casino. Even the croupiers are real and they can explain the rules of your chosen game to any players that have never played before. The only difference you will find is the money is not real, it is fun money. Simply exchange your fun money with the croupiers to receive your chips. To make the casino games that little extra special we can even organise the fun money to have the names or pictures of the bride and groom printed on them. It is the little things like that that make us stand out from the crowd. All of our casino wedding games will be delivered to your chosen venue, well in advance, where our experienced team of fitters will erect your tables for you. They will even take them down again at the end of the evening as well. If you still want some traditional entertainment at your wedding reception we can even organise that for you as well, as we are able to supply singers or tribute bands too. Mobile casino nights really are great fun and if you choose to have some casino wedding games at your reception you will not be disappointed. Your wedding reception will be talked about for all the right reasons and everyone will have a truly enjoyable evening.

Planning a Las Vegas Themed Charity Night

Planning a Las Vegas Themed Charity Night

Charity events are an excellent and fun way of raising money for a particular cause. While an interesting charity night can help attract plenty of people, positive attention and raise a good amount of funds, a dull or boring one can be disadvantageous and a waste of time to your cause. It is vital that you pay close attention to the detail if you are to impress your sponsors and the general public. There must have enough entertainment, as this will put people in a happy and good mood, and happy people are often generous people! If you’re about to host a charity night, consider theming it on the biggest and best party city on the planet – Las Vegas! Vegas as we know it, has an endless number of events happening all round the clock. The city barely sleeps and you will not hear the end of it from people who pay a visit, confirming that it’s the most fun-filled location in the world. Planning a charity event themed on the exuberant city will turn out to be more rewarding than one’s expectations. Music, fun and games The first component of your party that requires attention is the casino. Vegas is filled with them, and the atmosphere generates high levels of energy. Make sure that you hire a reputable casino company and install booths for casino games so as to keep the guests occupied and entertained during the course of the evening. A professional charity night will require top quality video and audio equipment. Energetic DJs known to bring the night to life should be hired, as they will have access to the right kind of music that can set the mood and success of your event. Playing dull music can be a turn off, and you don’t want that at such an important party. A charity event themed on Vegas is a fantastic way to keep people on their feet and make them interact and have fun. At a party like this, even total strangers find it easy to mingle and keep themselves entertained. The location is certainly vital, so make sure you have a venue with ample space to accommodate your guests. The lighting mustn’t be too bright or too dim. Install a few neon lights and keep the atmosphere eccentric. The right ambience can bring people closer together, making your guests have a ball of a time and ultimately making your event a grand success. Food and drink Food and drink are among the most important things at any event. There has to be a lot of variety to ensure that not a single guest is left feeling left out. In fact, the more the variety, the merrier it is. So hire a good caterer who specialises in all kinds of food. Vegas is known to be as much fun as it is due to the endless supply of alcohol. Alcohol is also a great ice-breaker, as liquid courage is known to automatically turn on the fun side of the most boring individuals. Make sure the guests are served champagne or fine wine throughout the night. The bar must have a wide variety of alcohol, be it whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, etc. Failure in this department can be telling for your cause! Flickr photo by Mathieu Lebreton

Entertainment Ideas for a Successful Corporate Event

Entertainment Ideas for a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events or parties are a great way to network and get to know colleagues better. Companies must take the initiative to ensure that a corporate event is conducted in some style if they are to present a professional business like atmosphere. A successful corporate party will bring people closer together and help people connect both professionally and personally. Music and entertainment usic is a language in itself. It speaks volumes in melodic tunes. The right kind of music is essential for any event. People at a corporate party will begin to move and groove to the music if it is happening. Before organising a corporate party, get to know who your guests will be and understand their likes and dislikes with regards to music. People are always happy when you give them what they want. Pop in some of the classic oldies as they never die out. Your guests will have the chance to remember the times when a particular track was a hit, thereby getting into a ‘sharing mode’ and talking about good old days with one another. A dance floor is also highly recommended at a corporate party, as it’s the best way to get loose. Song, dance, food and drink – they complement each other and make the occasion a merry one. Hire a DJ who struts his/her stuff and brings the crowd to the dance floor with trendy and hip music. Other forms of entertainment is always a good addition to any corporate event. You can hire a couple of stand-up comedians who will perform while the crowd is seated at their dinner tables. Employees of a company often love to see their bosses rediculed, and what could be better than hiring a professional who specialises at mocking people! Moreover, light comedy can turn around even the dullest of evenings. Just make sure that the comedian is appropriate for a corporate event and not someone who will turn the evening upside down with his/her vulgar and offensive humour. Team building activities Although they are considered ‘lame’, team building activities are very effective. Split people into groups and have some of those ‘lame’ games, as they will surely deliver good times. Small brain games or puzzles can be great stress relievers and will help a group of people work together as a team so that they improve their collective efficiency and efforts at work. Games are a great idea for a corporate event. Like they say, “People don’t really get old. They just learn to behave in public.” Casino games often make for a good addition to a corporate event or even better fun casinos where players can freely gamble with fun money so therefore don't run the risk of losing their own hard earned cash. Simulator games are known to attract many people, so having something like a Formula One Simulator will add to the entertainment options available to people. Arcade games are also a great addition to a corporate event. If you want something that draws collective participation from the entire lot, games such as housie or bingo are fantastic options. Flickr photo by Seth Lemmons

Top Ten Popular Casino Games

Fun casinos bring the best casino games to wherever you are. These mobile casinos offer play money versions of real casino games, and are usually set up at different places for providing entertainment. Here are the top 10 popular games that these casinos offer. 1. Blackjack or 21 Blackjack is a popular card game played between the dealer and a player. Both the dealer and the player are dealt 2 cards each, where both cards of the player are exposed. The aim in this game is to make the highest hand, without exceeding a total of 21. 2. Craps Craps is a table game that is highly popular in fun mobile casinos. This game is played with a pair of dice, between multiple players and the dealer. The dealer rolls the dice and the player has to guess the outcome of the throw to win. 3. Roulette Roulette is a game of chance, where a wheel is spun and the players have to bet on where the ball lands once the wheel stops spinning. 4. Slots Slots is the simplest of all casino games and is based on chance, which is what makes it popular with many casino goers. To play this game, just place a bet and pull the lever or press the button of the slot machine. 5. Baccarat Baccarat is another card game where you place a bet on the player, the banker or a tie between them. If you bet on the winning hand, then you win too. Otherwise, and in case of a tie, you lose. 6. Poker Poker is the most popular card game that can be played at almost all casinos across the world. It is a skill game and not usually a hot favorite at fun casinos. 7. Pai Gow Poker Pai Gow is a variant of poker, where you play against the house and not the other players. Seven cards are dealt to each player and the aim is to make the best 5-card and 2-card poker hand. 8. Bingo Bingo is also a simple game, where players have to mark the called out number on their cards. To win, all numbers on the card or some in a specific pattern have to be marked. 9. Keno In keno, players have to pick 20 of the 80 numbers on their keno cards. If the numbers called out match with the numbers picked, the player wins. 10. Wheel of Fortune Also called the Big Six in several mobile casinos, this game involves betting on one of the six symbols on the table. The wheel is spun and if the pointer stops at the symbol you have bet on, you win.